Zippers That Fly!

The history of the zipper is fascinating. It is the sole reason why Levi’s blue jeans came into existence. It holds everything together, from leather jackets to boots, from winter wear to faux zips. So without further ado, let’s zip along! 

 Gold and Timeless

Picture a regal, bright zipper on an elegant jacket. Now slide it close and open. Is it happening effortlessly? You are probably wearing a metal zipper processed with Growel’s chemicals! Don’t leave Growel Brascoglow 620/Brascoclean BC 20 behind if you’re looking for a royal appearance. It glides and shines! 

Black Is the New Black

Of course, one can’t picture their favourite black leather jacket without a shiny zipper. At Growel, we have many products vying to blacken your zippers and buttons. From versatile, uniform application to an antique finish, you can’t go wrong with Growel Antique Tin A/B. However, suppose you want your zips to bite back. In that case, you should check out Growel Antique Black Brass/Copper Oxidizing Salt for excellence and resistance all in one. 

Eco-Friendly Elegance 

High-end fashion and the environment don’t always go hand in hand. But you do what you have to stay in vogue. Growel Ginplate 1531/531 has you covered for sustainable and eco-friendly zippers. For example, it is non-cyanide technology and bright, quite literally. But, of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic, so if you’re looking for a glossy black finish, choose Growel Antique AL Black Process. It is Chrome and Cyanide-free, making it non-toxic.

 Shine Matte Shine

Glossy is the new matte, and matte is the new shiny. And at Growel, we aim to provide a glossy or matte finish without a frown. Growel Ginplate IF 439 A/B lets you serve fiery looks! But, if matte matters, the Growel Ginplate Cu 506 A/B/C and Ginplate Cu 534 are here to highlight your zippers minimally! 

So there you have it, folks. Zipping is not child’s play! As the garment industry evolves, so do manufacturing processes. Fascinatingly Growel has a massive role in this much-underrated business.

Growel Wire Drawing Oils

Growel Specializes in the development & manufacture of lubricating oils used in the wire drawing industry.

The Indian Market hitherto was dominated by multinational corporations, Growel drawing oil has developed a made in India range of highly advanced range of products specifically geared for the wire drawing industry.

These wire drawing products are categorized as per the material used for the wire manufacture –

  • MS & steel wire drawing oils
  • Aluminium wire drawing oils
  • Copper tube drawing oils
  • Copper wire drawing oils

MS & steel wire drawing oils –

GRODAL NOX UM – Water-soluble lubricating compound for MS & SS wire drawing as well as deep drawing applications.


This is a pasty material based on vegetable oil & surfactants used for steel, MS, black & galvanized wires. In many industries, it is also used for deep drawing purposes.

Aluminium drawing oils –

Growel’s lubricants cover all the aluminum wire production stages:

Rod breakdown (RBD)

Intermediate drawing.

Fine-wire drawing

Extra-fine wire drawing

Coiling and/or bunching

Products –


This product is mainly used in vanishing, drawing, stamping & blanking applications.

It is especially suitable for aluminum & its alloys.


This is a low viscosity fine aluminum wire drawing oil free from sulphur, chlorine, zinc & is, therefore, suitable for super finishing of ferrous, non-ferrous & yellow metals.

Multifunctional semi-synthetic oil for aluminum or its alloys. This range of drawing oils is specially designed for excellent lubrication, extreme cooling power & better detachment from aluminium.


40 CST viscosity product -Multifunctional semi-synthetic oil for aluminium or its alloys specific for wire rod breakdown and drawing. Final diameter above 0.6 mm.


40 CST viscosity product -Multifunctional semi-synthetic oil for aluminium or its alloys Specific for wire rod breakdown and drawing. Final diameter above 0.4 mm.


170 CST viscosity product- Multifunctional semi-synthetic oil for aluminium or its alloys Specific for wire rod breakdown and drawing. Final diameter above 0.9 mm.


22 CST viscosity product – Semi-synthetic oil for the drawing of aluminium and its alloys fine-wires (Al/Mg). Exit diameter above 0.5 mm. Corrector additive for GRODAL STAR DE 1422 R and TADAL STAR DE 1422/90.Suitable for enameled aluminium wire drawing.


12 CST viscosity product – Semi-synthetic oil specially designed for the drawing of aluminium fine-wires. Suitable for the production of enameled wire. Exit diameter below 0.5 mm. Corrector additive for GRODAL STAR DE 1422 and GRODAL STAR DE 1422/90.



This is a synthetic oil specially designed for drawing copper pipes. This product is also suitable for inner drawing & is free from mineral oils, sulphur & chlorinated esters. 


A synthetic oil suitable for inner copper tube drawing.


Light viscosity stranding oil for aluminium & copper. This product has a high cooling ability.



These products are added to water to prevent tarnish & oxidation on copper tubs, wires, rods, etc.


An all synthetic product with lubricity, corrosion inhibitors & surfactants. This product is free from binding, enameled wire rejections, oil separation & insoluble copper soap formation.


Multipurpose emulsionable semi-synthetic oil for copper and enameled copper wire. High stability and high detergency. It provides high benefits with low maintenance costs. Suitable for an enameled wire.


Wire type                                             Concentration % volume


Rod                                                                12 -18

Intermediates                                                  4 – 10

Fine                                                                3 – 5

Annealing                                                        1 – 1.5 max

Grodal Syncool 2 – Surface Protector Cum Coolant For Pump Industry

Grodal Syncool 2 is the “GROWEL” make surface protector cum coolant widely used in Pump Industry for Submersible / Open well / Self Priming Pump-sets. Its primary application is to protect the inner surface of the motor against Rust and Corrosion which increases the working lifespan for the Motor to a long time.

Grodal Syncool 2 :- Major Benefits

1. Due to its well-balanced formulation it reduces the pump set’s choked-up problem with the help of world-class cleaning agent cum rust inhibitor additives. Exhibits excellent performance on cast iron body washing/cleaning & rust protection.

2. Easy start-up even at low voltage due to choking free operation.

3. Increased life of thrust bearing and bushing due to synthetic water- soluble lubricity additives.

4. No pressure generation after using Grodal Syncool 2 in the pump, resulting in no gas formation into the closed system due to the additives.

5. Our product is chlorine & phenol-free.

6. Increases the overall efficiency, based on specific requirements as 20% dilution with DM water to 100%.

7. Toxicity test carried out NABL approved lab resulting passes.

8. Our product Grodal Syncool 2 is formulated with top quality water-soluble additives.

9. We strongly recommend this product to use in the pumps Instead of plain water by pump manufacturer to avoid rusting & to boost the overall performance in operation by 5-6%.

How to use Grodal Syncool 2 in pumps:-

  • First flush & clean the Submersible / Open well / Monoset motor cooling system by soft / Tap water. Fill with one part (1Ltr) “Growel” make Grodal Syncool 2 & 4 parts (4Ltr) of DM water or drinking water in to the motor up to specified / marking level. Then complete the assembly of a motor by tightening the screw with washer & ‘O’ ring. Ensure there is no leakage. Before final installation submersible motor must check (start) for 1-2 minutes. If it starts smoothly then the submersible motor is ready for installation. During this check,
    Grodal Syncool 2 develops a synthetic polymer layer inside the motor. This layer protects the inner surface against rust/corrosion.

Advantages of Using Grodal Syncool 2 :

  • Grodal Syncool 2 is beneficial commercially as well as technically.
  • Consumption benefit of our product is as under:
Washing CI Parts of motor with Gun Metal Bush 30 % 20 %
Washing CI Parts of motor with Carbon Bush 30 % 4 %
Washing of Rotor/Stator 30 % 20 %
Coolant filling at testing/dispatch 12.5 % 10 %
  • Grodal Syncool 2 has better performance in terms of Rust Protection compare to competitor’s product
  • We have small packing like 1 Kg, 5 kg & 30 Kgs
  • Overall benefit of 8 to 10 % with Grodal Syncool 2

Heart of plating.

At Growel, automation is at the heart of all our plating plants. Keeping this in mind our team, in technical collaboration with Utikal Automation Germany, is working with GalvCon V4.0, a PC-based software exclusively developed for atomization of surface finishing processes. The software is developed to be rich in features and provide ease in operation even when there is a need for replacement and modification.

This automation package is developed in such a way that the “intelligent part” of the software is written on the PC whereas the “driving program”, which rarely requires any changes, is written to the PLC. A highly reliable and powerful TCP/IP connection is established with Siemens S7 controller which requires no special drivers or third-party software for communication.

Initiating the plant operation is as easy as entering the article number and quantity to be loaded, the software initiates the cycle with minimum manual intervention.

Each article is pre-assigned with a unique process flow program (sequence of movement with time) and a power program (current density setting). Every article is capable of having a different process flow and current density program. The system has no limitation on the number of articles and their subsequent programs. The process program is designed to include parameters such as order of the baths, residence times, current setting in electrolytic baths, automatic dosing, temperature control in heating/cooling baths, and control of accessories along with visualization. The most powerful feature of this software is the capability of having flexible cycles. With this feature different articles having different process flow programs (different articles need to be processed in different baths with different timings) can be loaded onto the plant as per the user’s output demand.

The software is designed in such a way that the operator is allowed to load articles randomly as required and the intelligence of the software will decide the right sequence of the flight bar movement in the plant. The loaded flight bars may be temporarily stored at the buffer station or maybe directly taken for processing. The software will calculate the most efficient sequence of flight bar entry into the plant ensuring the most optimal usage of the baths and the transport wagons.

GalvCon V4.0 enjoys the following features and advantages:

  • Multi-level Password protection for avoiding operator level errors.
  • Multiple computers can be connected in the network for visualization but only one PC has the master process control.
  • Remote system connectivity is possible for process and status visualization through the Internet.
  • A special Loading terminal can be provided, to select the article while loading with visual identification.
  • Vast flexibility for process control.
  • Software can be quickly tailored to suit user needs.
  • Process and current programs can easily adapt to change in plant structure.
  • High stability and reliability.

GRODAL GLASS 339 – Glass Grinding Fluids Challenges & Opportunities

In the early days of glass processing, water was used as a coolant and lubricant.  However, the use of diamond-tipped tools in glass processing with only water as a coolant led to the following problems in glass grinding operations:

  • Marked decrease in process efficiency
  • Runaway cost escalation on account of rapid wear and tear of diamond tools.
  • Extensive corrosion of plant & machinery
  • Undesirable pH increase of the grinding solution

Due to the brittle nature of glass and the stresses of glass grinding, the coolant used to aid the grinding process has to fulfill a number of requirements. As an example, fine glass particles are produced during the grinding process which instead of settling at the bottom, remains suspended in the water thereby reducing the effectiveness of the water to act as a coolant. In addition, these glass particles had an abrasive effect during the operation, creating unacceptable scratches on the toughened glass.

Rising to the needs of the industry, Growel has specifically designed a high-performance grinding fluid/coolant- GRODAL GLASS 339 which now eliminates these problems.

GRODAL GLASS 339 is a synthetic coolant concentrate based on ester additives that are designed to cool and lubricate extreme machining operations on flat toughened glass such as edge grinding, drilling, milling, etc. Exceptional Bio-Stability permits operation with hard water up to 450 ppm. It keeps the tools clean and allows the glass powder to settle easily.


Stir with water in the desired (usually 0.2% to 0.5%) ratio to a homogeneous solution.

For a higher lubricity ratio, it can be increased to 1 – 1.5%.

Special additives in the Grodal Glass 339 keeps the surfaces of the diamond tool sharp. This in turn maintains grinding performance and substantially reduces glass processing time. The absence of these vital additives would necessitate the frequent replacement of the diamond tool, thereby leading to an exponential rise in operation cost.

One of Grodal Glass 339’s many real-world application successes includes the case study of one of our key customers engaged in the manufacture of mobile phone scratch guard glass. Their organization was using an imported cutting fluid @ 2.5% concentration level resulting in their use of 140-150 liters of fluid daily. Upon switching to Grodal Glass 339 at 1.5% their consumption reduced to 80-90 liters daily. Our customers also reported a marked reduction in the amount of fuming they were experiencing during cutting operations. Advantages ranged from the locally available and as-needed supply of cutting fluid to the measurably superior performance of the Grodal Glass 339. 

How Choosing The Right Lubricant Can Reduce Equipment Costs?

Lubricants are largely used in industries.  Lubricants are substances that are used to reduce friction between surfaces. Different types of lubricants are used to improve the performance of machines and make the machines effective.   Lubricants help to reduce the wear and tear of machines and equipments, they reduce the maintenance cost and help in the smooth functioning of the machine.  Lubricants elongate the lifespan of the machines.   

Importance of Industrial Lubricants in India

The Indian lubricant industry has recently opened up new markets. The strong growth in India’s energy, engineering, and automotive sectors is a boon for lubricant manufacturers. In the automotive sector, as consumers migrate to efficient vehicles and motorcycles, they use higher quality lubricants. As a result, multigrade lubricant products benefit. The automotive lubricants market in India is very expensive and the growth in volume has been slowed by long term lubricants.

How to Choose The Right Lubricant Companies in India?

Did you know that choosing the right lubricant supplier for your machine guarantees the operational success of your company? Well, the majority are unaware of this fact. Keep in mind that if you are one of them, choosing the right supplier will give you the best results. However, there are so many lubricant sources that it is difficult to find the best source. The introduction of new suppliers was a major cause of failure. Therefore, selecting the right supplier is not everyone’s tea.

5 Tips to Evaluate Lubricant Companies in India

Lubricant oils are highly used substances that help to reduce friction between solid surfaces.  Different types of lubricants are largely used across various industries as they improve the performance of the machines and make the movement of the machines efficient. You can use the lubricant oils to elongate the life of your machinery and reduce the maintenance cost as the lubricants reduce the wear and tear occurring in machines.   

3 Things to Consider While Evaluating Lubricant Companies

Lubricant oils are substances that help in the reduction of friction and heat between solid surfaces to make the movement efficient.  Lubricant oil lubricates the machine parts, improves efficiency, and elongates the life of your machinery and saves the cost of maintenance. Lubricants should be purchased from famous lubricant companies in India, you should consider factors like price, and services offered, reliability, quality, and technical expertise of the lubricant company.   Lubricant companies selected on these criteria are authentic and you will get the right quality lubricants at competitive prices by purchasing from authentic lubricant companies in India.