5 Things A Lubricant Does for Your Auto Engine

As an owner of the car, you must understand certain things that enhance the life of your vehicle, especially its engine. An automobile is expensive asset that cannot be left unattended after purchase. You need its upkeep througan h regular maintenance and timely repairs so that it becomes your ally for long years. An automobile requires various maintenance jobs at intervals, but regular service is an as important aspect of maintenance. A deferred servicing would mean a reduction in life of the vehicle and a huge loss to the owner in terms of future high costs on repairs.an

Main functions of auto engine lubricant

A most important part of automobile maintenance is regular maintenance of moving metal parts, especially in the engine. An automotive engine is the heart of the vehicle and it’s the most expensive component, consisting of innumerable small and big moving metal parts, that are prone to wear and tear due to exposure to heat and friction. A lubricant performs a three-way function.

  • An engine lubricant creates a slippery gap between moving metal parts and helps to reduce heat, friction and wear. 
  • It also protects engine surface from corrosion by coating all of the surfaces within the engine when it is switched off.
  • It disperses the heat naturally created by the combustion process within an auto engine.

More lubricant functions and importance of right lubricant

The above discussion illustrates the importance of lubricant for an auto engine, and it’s also important to understand the type of lubricant required to serve the main purpose. There are various grades of engine lubricant for different types of automobiles manufactured by lubricant companies in India. It is necessary to select the right grade recommended by the vehicle manufacturer in the service manual. It is also important to use high-quality engine lubricant. We have discussed three main functions that an engine lubricant performs for which a high-quality right-grade lubricant is required. Besides, there are few more things a good lubricant does for the engine.

  • A lubricant remains less viscous (thin enough) to keep mobile in cold weather and more viscous (thick enough) to still coat surfaces in hot weather thus, protecting the inside of the engine, regardless of conditions on the outside.
  • It prevents major damage by absorbing and suspending particulate matter like carbon and transporting it to the oil filter to get trapped and removed; neutralizing acids that would otherwise build up in the engine and cause scarring and pitting on smooth, polished surfaces; and preventing the accumulation of sludge and other contaminants. 

Why right-grade high-quality lubricant is recommended

There are many lubricant companies in India. The reputed companies produce only high-quality lubricants, but few unbranded local companies usually sell inferior quality cheap lubricants. Overdue for change or cheap lubricant can never be helpful to achieve the objectives of auto engine lubricant and its change, and it is thus, recommended not to buy and use these lubricants at any cost. You may refer service manual for recommended lubricant and the brand that would be most appropriate for your vehicle’s engine. Make it a point that life of your vehicle’s heart (engine) is based on the quality of its lubricant.

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