6 Tips to hire professional Paint Manufacturer Companies

One doesn’t hire a professional every day to paint one’s home or office. It is convenient to fall into the mindset that they’re all the same and feel clumsy and awkward when one doesn’t really know what they are looking for. One thing that all the paint companies in India who advertises its services are all professionals. The only thing which one now has to think about the price, but that isn’t the case. The fact is industrial paint manufacturers in India and also the painting contractors in India are very wide-ranging and varied like some meal choices in an International food festival. So how can one tell the good from the bad? Or right one from the wrong ones? One should find the answers to these questions before one hires any painting companies. The answer is most certainly in the written painting estimate, of course, the price range matters but everything comes down to the estimating process and the final quotation which gives a full picture of what to expect.

In a wide range of industries, industrial paint suppliers are responsible for providing paint to companies which are involved in the manufacture of a product.

Some Warning Signs

  1. Estimate of the Painter

With poor shortcuts and poor finishing touch one didn’t expect what could have happened. The following probable questions to have asked are;

  • Do the details of the estimate reflect on what one wants or what the painter wants?
  • If one has told where the painting should be done then did one discuss how it should be done and with what materials?


  1. Blanket Painting Estimate   

When the claim is simple then it is all too common to see a quotation for painting like “everything will be done within such and such range”, one gets happy and thinks everything will be painted at a low price. But is it that low? Whenever the painter doesn’t live up to the vision one had in mind, they make for with great escape routes.

  1.    Brand Name Paint Estimate

On a painting estimate using top brand names always look good. One feels secured if one hears the name of a known brand and one feels there is a genuine credibility associated with that particular manufacturer. One is right on it, but does one realize that a good paint manufacturer would also make great and not-so-good paint? Moreover does one question the painter regarding the details of the paint and the quality while discussing the estimates? The written estimation will be left on interpretation as one hasn’t discussed the matter during the estimated assessment.

  1.    Low Ball Estimate

When the others are costing too much, and when it comes down to making that final decision on which painter to hire, one gets giddy. One can’t pass up on saving all the money and the emotions take over but think for a second before signing the painter’s estimate;

  • One should honestly think whether the particular painter knows something extraordinary which others don’t know and why is the painter’s price so less as compared to others?
  • Is he more knowledgeable with information others didn’t have?
  • Is it worth the risk as the chances are very slim?


  1.    No Guarantee Estimate

Everything seems good but there is no turning back if things don’t go the way one wants them. Now that one has already paid for a paint job with no guarantees, can one afford to have the job fixed and repainted? If the answer is yes, then does one really want to double the amount and wait double the time to see everything going the way they wanted it to?   

  1.    No Standards Estimate

Deciding on what constitutes a properly painted surface, standards of workmanship should be spelled out, so one has the same frame of reference as the painter. For one to fairly scrutinize the painter’s work if it ever comes into question, a good contractor or painter will at least make one aware of everything.

  1. Where is the proof Estimate  

One should check the references of all the painters and painting contractors to weed out the pros and cons, making sure one isn’t fooled by them as many are vying for one’s business.

One must be warned with the estimates given by painting contractors and think before leaping. For more information, one can get in touch.

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