How can your industry benefit from industrial coating?

In many cases, repair and new construction of industrial floors, particularly when associated with change of use, require recovery of the concrete support to be covered and protected quickly. To say that coatings manufactured by the industrial coating manufacturers are highly useful for industries is an understatement, it means a lot to industrial productivity. Let us learn about some benefits.<!–more–>

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion resistance is one of the main benefits that the industries benefit from Industrial coating. Almost every modern industry is built with steel and its variants. From wall partitioning to storage compartments, flooring to ceiling panel, the durability of steel can be best enhanced when proper industrial coating can be applied.

Employee’s benefits

Staffs and employees of industrial establishments benefit from well applied industrial coating. For example, epoxy flooring can help you minimize, if not properly eliminate, injuries related to falls. Contact industrial coating manufacturers to know more on this issue.

Antistatic conductor

There is an increase in the demand, by many industries, of conductive or antistatic floor coverings. These are used to prevent electrical interference with sensitive electronic equipment or to prevent the accumulation of static electricity, which could generate a spark and create a risk of explosion.

Ability to bridge cracks

It is related to structural loads, particularly dynamic loads. What effect does the vibration of the plant and traffic have on the floor? How important is it that the fissures do not appear? In specific areas of the project, for example, in outdoor parking lots, in process areas where aggressive liquids are present or in aseptic areas, the finishing floor must have the ability to bridge cracks with movement. Alternatively, relief stress or joints with movement must be incorporated into the substrate during construction to prevent subsequent cracks.

No smell, free of VOC

Intense odors as well as VOC-containing products are often responsible for allergic reactions in applicators and users. The use of products without odor and classified as VOC-free should be considered at all times.

Thermal conductivity

The temperature felt by a foot on a floor is very subjective and varies from one user to another. Apart from the temperature of the enclosure and the floor, the thermal conductivity of the substrate is the most significant value. The lower the value, the more effective the sensation. In addition to the measurement of values, the subjective influence of the color tone should not be underestimated (use of warm and cold colors).

Color range

Each person experiences color as an element of functional and emotional design, which includes sensations of color and the stimulation produced by light radiated by color. With a good color design it is possible to influence the behavior and well-being in the workplace. Likewise, the color’s ability to signal and demarcate can be used to divide work areas of traffic areas or for orientation purposes.

All the above mentioned things translate into a better productivity, with lesser downtimes. It further helps in saving the employees from spinal injuries and thus, saving organization’s reputation.

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