Importance of Industrial Lubricants in India

The Indian lubricant industry has recently opened up new markets. The strong growth in India’s energy, engineering, and automotive sectors is a boon for lubricant manufacturers. In the automotive sector, as consumers migrate to efficient vehicles and motorcycles, they use higher quality lubricants. As a result, multigrade lubricant products benefit. The automotive lubricants market in India is very expensive and the growth in volume has been slowed by long term lubricants.

Let us begin with an introduction: Lubricant

An organic material, that has been introduced to reduce friction between surfaces that are in contact with each other, which ultimately reduces the heat generated by the movement of surfaces.

Lubricating Applications:

 Lubricants are used in many industries. They are:

 • Automotive • Engineering • Automation • Manufacturing • Food Processing • Oil & Gas • Medical.


The purpose of the lubricant determines which additives must be added to the base to carry out the desired effect.

 Market analysis of Industrial Lubricants in India:

  • Increased sales of vehicles and increasing demand for light and heavy-duty vehicles result in high demand for automotive lubricants. Demand for lubricating goods from different sectors opens up numerous opportunities for industrial lubricant suppliers in the Indian market, with market size of about 686868 billion by 2018. Also, the demand for Indian industrial lubricants will show a healthy CAGR of 4.6% from 2019 to 2025.
  • Lubricants are an important part of industrial applications to extend the life of machines and equipment. India is a developing country and the country’s industrialization is growing at a high rate. With the change in domestic oil and gas production from other countries from dependence on oil and gas, investment has increased to develop offshore oil and gas fields which are one of the main contributors to the growth.

Growth Drivers of industrial lubricants markets in India:

Increasing disposable personal income, mainly middle-class income and increased demand for motorcycles and vehicles will increase the production and sales of new vehicles, which is the main reason for driving lubricants in India.

Lubricants importance in the marine industry:

Along with the increase in maritime trade in the country, there will be an increase in tourism activities along with curses and recreational sports as well as the development of marine lubricants in the market. Also, the development of seaborne activities in the market to support the growing demand and requirement of raw and petroleum-based products of the chemical and refinery industry will support the development of marine lubricants in India.

The demand for wind generation from wind power sector:

This sector has increased rapidly which is also demanding the installation of wind turbines. Wind turbines are driving the demand for gear oil in the Indian industrial lubricating market.

 Helping the production of electricity in the electricity sector:

Electricity sectors are one of the biggest contributions of the power generation sector in the development of the country’s economy. Various sources of power generation are widely used, including wind, solar, thermal and hydro turbines, resulting in increasing demand for lubricants, which has created opportunities in the Indian industrial lubricating market. A proportional opportunity is being created.

Power Generation: biggest contribution to the Indian economy

The power generation sector makes an important contribution to the country’s economic growth. The widespread use of a variety of power sources such as wind, solar, heat, and hydro turbines has increased demand for lubricating oils, creating many opportunities for the Indian industrial lubricating oil market.

Challenges in the Indian Industrial Lubricants Market:

The idea of improving lubricants can be realized using viscosity modifiers and dispersant technologies that help original equipment manufacturers and engineers overcome the challenge without affecting the growth of the Indian Industrial lubricants market. 

Scope of Market Research for Indian Industrial Lubricants

This report describes key growth opportunities and major challenges and potential threats. The types and types of Indian industrial lubricants include lubricants for gearboxes, compressors, hydraulics, turbines, and metalwork.


This study provides a detailed independent assessment of this fast-growing lubricant market and examines market opportunities and challenges for industrial lubricants suppliers and sellers, base oil and additive manufacturers in India. 

In the industrial segment, high levels of investment in the manufacturing, transportation, and energy sectors could potentially result in very strong growth in marine and aviation lubricants and transformer oil.

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