New Painting Technologies That You Need to Know About

Are you planning to paint your house shortly? Are you confused about the best shades which would offer a dazzling finish to your walls? If these are related to you, then you can consider this write-up for gaining the latest knowledge in painting technologies. Paint companies in India invest lakhs of rupees and considerable time every year in research and development, thereby producing the finest quality of colours at an affordable price range. They have come up with innovative products and technologies which help in retaining the colour and texture of paints for a prolonged period. Not only this, modern paints are environment-friendly, do not emit toxic odour, and protect the inner concrete for rust and corrosion for many years. Have a look at the advanced technologies and development associated with the painting industry.

Production of Moisture-Proof Paint

The development of water-proof paints has been a blessing for external walls. It consists of two unique components- acrylic polymer and modified white cement imparting water-resistant properties to the painted surface. Now, you do not have to worry about the discolouration and dampness of outer walls after a heavy monsoon. The protective coat gets modified into a water-soluble crystalline microstructure which penetrates deep into the cement and protects it from moisture.

Development of Washable Colours

Washable paints are a must for interior walls if you have a toddler or school-going kid in the house. You cannot prevent situations like smudging chocolates on walls, stamping surfaces with mud with a growing-up child always ready to explore new avenues. In such a condition, washable paints with cross-linking polymers help you remove every stain with just a few strokes of wipes. It offers a fresh look to walls in spite of undergoing regular experimentation by kids.

Anti-microbial Shades

One of the latest developments by paint companies in India is the formulation of anti-microbial colours which prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria on walls. It is a boom for health-conscious customers or those experiencing dust and mite allergy. Studies have revealed that using this paint on walls has significantly reduced the number of infections and diseases of inmates. Many hospitals and public places are now placing bulk orders of anti-microbial colours for the benefits of their clients. You can considerably save on your medical expenditure by selecting an anti-microbial shade during the next renovation. 

Odour Eliminating Paints

In the early days, many customers used to think twice before undertaking a painting job in their apartments thanks to the toxic fumes emitted from freshly coated walls. However, things have changed for good. Now, you can avail of environment-friendly paints that do not emit strong odours. Moreover, there are innovative colours which even absorb the smell of pets, cigarette smoke, and strong Indian spices. They also limit the presence of harmful pollutants inside the house. So, now you can enjoy clean and fresh indoors with the application of revolutionary paints. 

These are a few top advancements in the field of painting technology. Conduct thorough research about various categories of colours and select the best shade during your next house makeover.

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