Role of Solvents in Paints and Coatings

Solvents are one of the most widely used chemicals in Industrial manufacturing, cutting across sectors. Be it aviation, agro produce, food processing, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, Solvents are an inseparable part of modern day manufacturing. Solvents are added to numerous paints and coatings and according, to their type they serve a variety of different purposes. If you go to any paint manufacturer in India, you will see their dependence on a number of solvents ranging from Ethanol, to esters and other types. Industrial paint suppliers, also keep ample stock of solvents, as they are most often used in combination. If you are looking to for information about the role and function of solvents, we have come up with a guide that will tell you exactly that:

  • Applications: As the name suggests the primary function of Solvents is to dissolve, Pigments, binders, and other additives. Solvents are added to these solutions as they encourage quick evaporation and they leave a consistent film of paint or other coatings on the surface. Solvents are essential as they help coatings dry quickly and give them an enhanced visual appeal. It’s also important to note that solvents should be handled carefully by trained workmen, as their fumes are toxic for human health and can even lead to serious diseases. Solvent fumes are carcinogenic, and prolonged exposure to them without appropriate safety equipment can lead to cancer. Paint companies in India have strict training regimes and protocols for their workers handling solvents. Adding solvents to paints is a worldwide practice and they are essential to their effectiveness and the quality of the resin layer they leave behind.
  • Types: The most common types of solvents include, Hydrocarbon solvents, Ketones, Esters, Alcohols, Glycol Ethers etc. Hydrocarbon solvents are used for fast drying coatings due to their low flash point. Mineral and white spirit based solvents are used for oil based and Alkyd resins. Solvents like Toluene and Xylene are used with Phenolic and Amino Formaldehyde in combination with Alkyd resins. Naphtha solvents which are extracted from petroleum, are commonly known as industrial solvents. They have high dissolving power as compared to other types of solvents. Spirits of Turpentine are specialty solvents obtained through distillation of tree resins and composed of different Terpenes. They are commonly used as solvents for oil based systems.
  • Precautions: As we have already told you before, solvents are required to be handled with care and you should make sure that the workers on your floor are trained, and have proper safety gear for handling them.

We have told you briefly about the role of solvents in paints and coatings. We hope this guide has been informative and will prove useful for you. We at Growel are a legacy business in manufacturing high quality Industrial chemicals of all types. We would love to hear from you in case you have further questions about solvents. Have an amazing day!

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