Corrosion is a process which occurs naturally, wherein the process converts any metal with a chemically oriented form such as oxidization. There is a gradual destruction of the metal with chemical reactions with the environment. Corrosion in pipes, simply means the metal due to contact with the external environment starts dissolving especially when in contact with water, causing initial rusting followed by corrosion. Corrosion in pipes decrease their reliability, shelf life and also reduce their functionality.

Homes or industries without pipelines are human bodies without arteries. Pipeline play a major role in the transportation of gas, oil, water, air, and also steam. Therefore, the health of these pipelines is highly endangered due to factors like corrosion or even chemical deterioration. Such factors can end up disrupting the activities of especially industries wherein pipelines have a major usage. To avoid such instances, coatings for pipelines supplied by pipe coating manufacturers in India for prevention from corrosion are extremely essential.

Coatings of paint or oil are designed by industrial coating manufacturers specially to help mitigate the corrosion process in pipelines. An effective pipeline coating will have the following benefits; the pipelines will possess High flexibility when coated and wouldn’t crack under circumstances like the distortion of pipe bends or twists. They will possess high resistance towards electricity, thereby inhibiting electrolytic corrosion and high resistance towards electrical current flow. Pipeline coatings will also provide high water resistance, thereby not letting water seep into the metal surface. The pipelines after coating will possess high metal surface isolation, wherein the metal is sufficiently isolated from the external environment.

Growel is a renowned company which is involved into the business of providing industrial coatings which have high durability owing to properties like being anticorrosive, because of usage of a technology called polychloroprene technology. These pipeline coatings are highly resistant to weathering, external changing environments, fungus, and bacteria. They also possess properties that will protect pipelines, especially used both inshore and offshore, preventing them from marine life and marine oil.

The industrial pipe coatings from Growel contains three layers that help protect them from the external environmental conditions. These include, the first layer being the primer coat which resists chemical attack, the second layer being the bond between the top coast and the primer coast, and lastly the third layer which provides anticorrosive and mechanical protection.

In order to ensure smooth running of their operations, it is important for companies to use high quality pipe coatings to protect against menaces like corrosion. By using a superior quality product, you can ensure long life for your industrial pipes but make sure to do your research thoroughly before selecting any particular coating for your pipes or consult an expert.

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