Tips To Evaluate Paint Quality from Paint Companies in India

Paint is largely used for home as well as industrial decoration and protection.  One should research and find out good quality paint. There are various paint manufacturers in India.  Top-quality paint looks good and lasts for a long time. It is important to buy good quality paint for protection as well as finish to your industry or house.  

Paint companies in India suggest solvent-based paints for woodwork, and surface finish as solvent-based paints flow uniformly and offer a tough and strong finish.   They have excellent leveling properties. Water-based paints are considered even better. The water-based finishes are more elegant than before.   Acrylic paints have better retention and don’t fade fast so they are preferred over other paints. Oil paints are preferred for surfaces that have a base layer of oil.    Latex paints are preferably the foremost choice for best quality paints.   

Vinyl-acrylic latex is found appropriate for exterior as well as interior paint. They are high performance and have better adhesion and retention.  

Paint companies in India also sell alkyd paints in enamel in the form of house paint. Enamel is available in a large variety of colors that are ready to mix and are suitable for any kind of surface. House paint is multipurpose as compare to enamel. Alkyd paint performs better than latex paint for glossy surfaces.    

Paint is made up of pigment, resin, and a carrier. Titanium dioxide is the main, white pigment. Resin makes paint stick to a surface. A carrier is the liquid added to thin the mixture so you can brush it easily.  

Paint also contains clay and other ingredients to adjust the finish and polish. And it may also contain secondary solvents in small amounts to help with gloss and drying characteristics.  

The performance and price of the paint is dependent upon the amount and quality of each ingredient.  When you buy paint, you should buy reputed brands of paint. There are great differences between cheap and quality paints.  One should check the warranty on the label to find out about the quality of the paints.     

Paint comes in a variety of luster from dull to shiny, flat, eggshell, pearl, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss.  Highly durable enamel offers high gloss and water-based finish. One main quality of a good paint is coverage that is also called hiding.  A paint that gives coverage in one coat is worth even if it has a higher price as it will save the cost of the paint job.   

The more the amount of titanium dioxide in the paint, the better the hiding. You can choose a paint finish from polyurethane, varnish, shellac, or a transparent, water-based coating. 

The above tips will help you to find a good quality paint for your industry, office or house interiors as well as exteriors.  Such good quality paint is quite protective of your machines, equipments, etc. If you are looking for a good quality paint, you should purchase from a famous paint company in India like Growel’ to get the best quality paint for your space at the most competitive prices.

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