Top Tips for Choosing an Industrial Powder Coating Company

In past few years, powder coating industry has undergone many changes, whether it is regarding the equipment used for the process or some other thing. However, not every company providing these services have adopted these changes. There are companies who take shortcuts in the process, which costs the customer their valuable time and money. Therefore, it is very important to choose the industrial powder coating company wisely which can deliver best quality services. Here are few tips which will be helpful for you to recognize the companies which are keeping themselves updated with the advancements in the industry and providing best possible services to their customers.

  • Check for their licencing and credentials- When you contact any of the industrial coating manufactures in your area, find out the type of their business. Enquire if they are connected with any trade institution and are licenced to provide the service. Check if powder coating is the main out of services they deliver. If the answer is yes, then go ahead with them. If answer is no, then it is highly possible that they are not keeping up with the changes in the industry.
  • Check their experience in the industry- There is a large number of new companies entering in this business and they advertise to provide you low-cost services. It is important to understand that, these companies don’t have experience, expertise and advance equipment to give you a high quality services. So, don’t fall in the trap. Experienced companies have invested a lot of money on hiring expert professionals and purchasing the best equipment. Although they charge you high rates, the service they provide will be worth it. Hence, opt for an established and experienced company.
  • Confirm the parts they manufacture are suitable to your needs- If you are requesting the parts for industrial usage; for example, motors, electric equipment, cascades, etc. then make sure they are the ones listed by ETL or UL for the purpose you are going to use them. This listing assures you that the parts you are purchasing are tested for safe and effective operations, reports one of the best paint manufacturers in India. All the reputed companies deliver the products which are built of listed components. If they are not able to give you the listing details, then be alert and move forward to another manufacturer.
  • Insurance- It is very important to find out if the powder coating company you are about to choose has product liability insurance for whatever they are manufacturing. You are going to fit in the parts by trusting them and the manufacture and if anything goes wrong, it can damage your entire machine. So, it is better to choose a company which is protected against this danger.
  • Enquire about the experience and expertise of the workers- The workers of the company may travel to your place for maintenance work. So, it is important to know if they are potential enough to perform the task efficiently. Enquire about their experience in the coating industry. It is also important to notice how they handle their customers. This will give you an insight of what type of service they will provide you.
  • Ask for the references- Ask the company about the references of their previous clients, so that you can contact them in order to know better about the company. You can also read reviews written by the customers on website.
  • Find out about which type of coating they are allowed to apply- All the companies are not certified to apply all types of powder coating. For some types of coatings, you need to have a licenced applicator that has got specialization in it. If you don’t check for it, then you will surely be in trouble, says one of the well-known industrial paint suppliers.
  • Ask about the processes they use for coating- If you want get clear idea about how up-to-date their working methodology is, ask them about which processes they use for coating. Industrial powder coating technology is changing rapidly. Therefore, the company must share the information about the processes and equipment they are utilizing for powder coating.

When it comes to powder coating, you cannot afford a single wrong think. If the person applying coating is not skillful enough, then he is more likely to commit mistake which can prove very expensive for you. Hence, follow the above tips and choose the best industrial powder coating company which will efficiently handle the coating work.

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